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Vorugal, the Frigid Doom, was an ancient white dragon and a member of the Chroma Conclave.  As an NPC, Vorugal was played by Matthew Mercer.

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Vorugal was an ancient white dragon. He was covered in white dragon scales and hide, with piercing blue eyes and gnarled teeth. It was not uncommon for icicles to hang from under his chin.

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Vorugal was mentioned by Lady Allura to be the most bestial member of the Chroma Conclave. Although white dragons are just as intelligent as their other chromatic counterparts, Vorugal, like others of his kind, chose to be a hunter and collector of treasures rather than a deceiver and schemer. Vorugal was fascinated with the hunt and the thrill of stalking prey. Vorugal, however, was easily jealous of the power of others, and would challenge any creature that undermined or questioned his superiority. His goal was to find a creature more powerful than him...a hunt that provided a real challenge. Vox Machina used this to their advantage, luring Vorugal into a trap with the willing aid of the Ravenites and the unwilling aid of Yenk.

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According to Lady Allura, Vorugal had been known to wander the wastes north in Othanzia, but had not been seen as far as Emon or Tal'Dorei.[4]  Some of Vorugal's offspring wandered farther.  In fact, Lady Allura believed that a dragon, called Skysunder, who had been sealed in the Frostweald and was destroyed by Vox Machina, was one of Vorugal's children.[4]

"Omens" (4x01) Edit

The Chroma Conclave attacked Emon and other cities across Exandria.  Vorugal was part of the initial attack on Emon.[6]

"Desperate Measures" (4x02) Edit

Vorugal battled Vox Machina at Greyskull Keep[7] before moving on to new targets on the command of the Chroma Conclave's leader, Thordak.[8]

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After the Chroma Conclave's initial attacks on Emon and around the world, Vorugal occupied Wildemount on the ruins of Draconia.[5]

"The Frigid Doom" (5x08) Edit

Vorugal made an appearance, flying over Whitestone with an army of wyverns, causing the city to go into lock down until he passed through.

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