Fan art map of Whitestone based on hand-scrawlings by Matthew Mercer.[art 1]

Whitestone is a city in the Alabaster Sierras mountain range on the northeastern edge of Tal'Dorei's continent.  It is ruled from Whitestone Castle, the former and current home of the de Rolo family and the one-time home of the Briarwoods.  Somewhat isolated from the rest of Tal'Dorei both geographically and politically, Whitestone's citizens suffered without external aid for five years under the oppression and horrors of the Briarwoods until Vox Machina arrived, fomented the Whitestone Rebellion, and fatally deposed the Briarwoods.  Shortly thereafter, the Chroma Conclave attacked many cities around Exandria except for Whitestone,[citation needed] which became a refugee haven.[citation needed]  The refugees—ranging from peasants and farmers to merchants and nobles—bolstered the city's population and workforce,[citation needed] both of which had been decimated throughout the Briarwoods' reign.[1]

The city of Whitestone is named for the white-colored stone quarried there, which, although not inherently magical, is particularly receptive to arcane energies and therefore may be used to create objects that can retain more powerful enchantments, perhaps for longer periods of time.[2]

Whitestone Castle Edit

Whitestone Castle is an ancient structure to the north of the city.  Originally owned by the de Rolo family, the Briarwoods claimed the castle for themselves once the city fell under their rule.  After the success of the Whitestone Rebellion, Cassandra de Rolo and, in absentia, Percival de Rolo regained ownership.

There are dungeons beneath Whitestone Castle,[3] as well as an undercroft where the bodies of previous rulers were entombed.[4]  There used to be a destination circle of teleportation in the castle; however, it appeared to have been destroyed by the Briarwoods in their efforts to further isolate Whitestone from the rest of the world.[5]

Leadership Edit

Prior to the Briarwoods, Whitestone was ruled by the de Rolo family.  During the Briarwood years, Sylas Briarwood and Delilah Briarwood installed themselves as Lord and Lady, and they awarded several subordinates with land and titles, including Countess Jazna Grebin, Sir Kerrion Stonefell, Duke Goran Vedmire, and Count Tylieri.

After the liberation of Whitestone from the Briarwoods, Percy recommended that the city adopt a council-based form of government rather than returning to de Rolo family rule.  Percy's initial thought was to compose the council from a notable member of each of the farming, economic, religious, trade, and citizen communities, as well as a noble from the de Rolo family.  Together, the council would make decisions by vote, and any tied votes would be resolved by the noble.  Cassandra de Rolo agreed to serve on the council, as did Keeper Yennen, if the the people of Whitestone consented to this new government.[6]

Acting on his own without consulting the council, Percy later granted Vex'ahlia a title:  Lady Vex'ahlia, Baroness of the Third House of Whitestone and Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt.[7][8]  However, Percy did not explain the duties, privileges, and relationship to Whitestone's ruling council that this title might include, if any at all, nor whether the council must officially approve the granting of such titles.

Culture Edit

Prior to the Briarwoods, the people of Whitestone celebrated Winter's Crest with an annual festival, like other cities in Tal'Dorei.  When Vox Machina liberated the city, the heroes joined the citizens in celebrating Whitestone's first Winter's Crest Festival in years.[9]

Notable People Edit

Since not all surnames are known, the following table is sorted by first name.

Name Type Description
Archibald Desnay NPC
Cassandra de Rolo NPC
Desmond Altham NPC
Jordana Whisk NPC
Trisha NPC A member of the Whitestone city guard following the town's liberation.
Vouk NPC Master Vouk: A collaborator of the Briarwoods who serves Sir Kerrion Stonefell.
Yennen NPC Keeper Yennen: Head priest of Erathis and a leader of the rebellion.

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  1. Fan art map of Whitestone based on hand-scrawlings by Matthew Mercer, uploaded anonymously to imgur (source; Matthew Mercer's comment; based on the original).

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