The continent of Wildemount[1] is located to the northeast of Tal'Dorei. The Briarwoods claimed to have originated from Wildemount before seizing Whitestone.[2]

Wynandir is one area of the continent, and is split into two kingdoms, one of which is the Dwendalian Empire.[3]

Politics and Demographics Edit

The floating islands of the dragonborn kingdom of Draconia were located in Wildemount, above a great ravine, until the white dragon Vorugal attacked them and sent them crashing down.

Of the tieflings that originate from the same area (as opposed to being scattered throughout non-tiefling populations), many come from Wildemount.[4]

The Dwendalian Empire Edit

The Dwendalian Empire is ruled over by King Bertrand Dwendal. His law is absolute throughout the kingdom. Whether or not he created the law himself, he enforced the kingdom's ban on necromancy, as he prepared to seize the estate and lands of the Briarwoods once they had been accused of practicing the forbidden magic. The citizens appeared to greatly distrust the school of necromancy, as a mob razed the Briarwood homestead to the ground shortly after, leaving the couple assumed dead.[5]

The city of Deastok is located within the Dwendalian Empire.

Trivia Edit

  • Wildemount was designed by Matthew Mercer with a real-world Eastern European influence.[4] 

References Edit

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